Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keep pressing on

The word "Gifted" is not commonly understood even among teachers and many educators. This puts enourmous pressure on us as parents of gifted boy. I almost lost my son's potential due to my lack of knowledge. I hoped that he will just be a normal bright child. I learned about gifted children some years ago when we had a check through developmental pediatrician and realised how badly I have failed my son who once would go in extreme speed in mastery skills.

He was asked to take him for a test, he works on any subject with flying colors that is about 2 years ahead of his grade. One morning, I got up and said " I will do the best that I can to sustain my son learning enhancement. Since then, both me and my husband have gone miles to work something out at my son. We are among handful parents who have managed to negotiate for an individual education plan where he is allowed to work on his own books in subjects where he is working in an advance level. Though he now he is a homeschool his books are fully monitored by us. This is a great challenge for a child of his age but amazingly he is coping well. Today, we can say that he enjoys homeschool to some extent. I want to say this to all parents who find help far away, "Don't give up, you can, with your determination and perseverance bring about a change for your gifted child". Your child needs you, not just as their parent and guardian but also as their advocate. Keep pressing on.