Sunday, September 5, 2010

Unique Learning Style

My li'l boy Rallone has kinesthetic learning style,he cannot just sit still and wait for information to be given. He surpass in finding out things for himself without any needs for guidance. Explorers at heart, he is quite active even before a lesson proper. His natural curiosity drives him to make new discoveries, making it hard for regular schools to limit his movement. He was often mistaken to be rowdy and undisciplined. That however, is a grave misconception. "Kinesthetic learners always seem to be moving around because they see their surroundings differently. For them, the world is just a huge playground full of wonderful things they want to discover and explore."

Rallione is fond of tinkering with toys, trying to find out how they work. He is also quick learner, especially when he left alone to examine a particular object. He can quickly put one and one together and have a great capacity to understand complex processes and procedures.He is always at the forefront of experimentation and exploration.


If your child shows an extreme fondness of taking things apart to discover how they function, you should consider home schooling like what I did. They should be given the opportunity to excel in their studies using their natural skills

Observing how your child learns is the first step in developing a good home schooling program. Create a list of your child's learning behaviors and determine whether he is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner.

Choosing the right lessons, activities, and teaching methods will put your child on the right track to a successful future. In their formative years, children will develop certain attitudes towards school and learning.

Parents like you should pay close attention to their preferences and consider alternative education if you feel that regular school systems have failed in helping students achieve their full potential.