Monday, November 15, 2010

Parent Expertise

As an educator for almost 14 years, I have come to fully understand that parents are the true experts of their own children. We teachers do not use parent expertise nearly enough. Until I heard from my son Developmental Pediatrician regarding this matter.

Advanced language development, especially speaking in sentences earlier than milestones indicate, seems to be one possible clue for potential giftedness. An early onset of being intrinsically motivated. Children who chose to try improve their own work. Children who put pressure themselves to have things organized and as perfect as possible—even when their parents are laid back. Often children were described as those who were extremely persistent at accomplishing a task. And only parent can often described their creative child as one who “marches to his/her own beat.”

Regardless of any test, most of these gifted children were first identified at home. We are the expert on our own child. Feed their interests and encourage their curiosity.