Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How can we differentiate between behavior problems due to sensory processing problems and behaviors due to other problems?

At first it was hard for me to differentiate too, but eventually you just learn your child. It depends on what sensory issues you are dealing with also. With us we have made a rule that even if he thinks an item of clothing doesn't feel good he at least has to try it on (even if he has before) sometimes this rule works and sometimes its a little harder with crying and a little fear, but when he turns to tantrums we tell him .. we put him in his bed and tell him he can come out when he is ready to follow the rules and speak respectfully and also we make a point to tell him that we are not upset with his because his clothes don't feel good, we are upset with him because of how he is behaving.

Also there are things that have nothing to do with needing sensory input we have noticed is just he testing his boundaries and we handle it accordingly. just remember spanking never solves anything... it will just teach them it's okay to hit considering kids learn by what you do not what you say... plus it would only backfire in a sensory kid.

We have found that if we impose certain rules that apply mid meltdown not matter what the reason for his actions it creates consistency and a general idea that no matter what you are going through it is never okay to hit or be disrespectful. Just remember to take a deep breath and walk away...

Now that Rallione is 7, thankfully he's much more affectionate, loves kisses and cuddles and constantly tells me he loves me.