Monday, July 12, 2010

diff. kind of learning experiences for Ral

I would rather gave Rallione a different kind of learning experience. I asked him, if he wanted me to teach him at home.He was so excited at the prospect of studying at home. We did not have to convince him! I could spend more time with you Mommy, he said.

With home-schooling, parents could adjust to the learning needs of their children. If the child learns fast, we could move on to more challenging lessons. On the other hand, if the child has difficulty in one particular lesson, the parent can spend more time on that subject.

I believe that homeschooling let me adopt teaching styles not used in traditional schools. Schools use the lecture style of teaching. Naturally, children who are good listeners excel in this setting.
With numerous studies on multiple intelligences coming out, more focus has been given to children with different learning capabilities.

My son for example, is kinesthetic—he learns more by manipulating things that Rallione was more auditory and visual, understanding things better if he could see them.

Socialization was not a problem with home-schoolers. Rallione for one has cousins across the street to play with. Socialization does not mean that you only relate with people your own age. Homeschooling will give Rallione the opportunity to deal with older people and younger ones in a confident manner.

This school year, we will start a homeschooling. Probably Rallione can do his schoolwork from Monday to Thursday. He will have Fridays to himself and weekends for the family. In homeschooling, we can finish everything in four days.